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Gratitude and Results

YOU! Are. All. Amazing.

I mean… what runs, what performances, what incredible grit. Through the dust and noise, up that gnarly trail to the summit, over and over and over again.. wow! Hats off to you. I stand in awe.

Here’s what you accomplished together:

  • 92 summit visits of our favorite Rock Candy Mountain.
  • 552 miles run, shuffled, climbed up, and bombed down these gnarly trails.
  • And a collective and staggering 170,200ft of vertical gained…


Women took the first and second place overall!
Emily Geyman was the only one finishing 8 loops. And Rachel Craig and Brent Miller both finished 7 loops, but Rachel arrived back at the finish a few minutes before Brent, thus claiming second place!

Women’s Podium
  • 1: Emily Geyman – 48 miles
  • 2: Rachel Craig – 42 miles
  • 3: Jill Hudson – 30 miles
Men’s Podium
  • 1: Brent Miller – 42 miles
  • 2: Chris Linden – 36 miles
  • 3: Scott Michie – 30 miles

For full results, visit our website.
(UltraSignup results will be loaded sometime this week!)

Three more things:

  • If I messed up any results, do reach out and we’ll get it all fixed right away.
  • If you have any awesome pics you took during the race and don’t mind sharing them others, please send them my way.
  • Do you like podcasts? I host the mountain running podcast Singletrack and would love to have you on the show. If you want to share your experience running Rock Candy Mountain and share a bit about your running story let me know and we’ll get you on the show – don’t worry, it’ll be remote and pretty painless.

Finally, a huge thank you to all you runners, to our incredible volunteers and to our amazing sponsors. 

This is our first year of organizing multiple races in a summer and it’s been an incredible honor to host you all, either at Beast of Big Creek in the Olympics, at Little Backyard Adventure at LBA park right in Olympia, or now at Capitol Forest’s Rock Candy Mountain
We love what we do, we try to learn all the time and hope to give you the best trail racing experience in the world. 
We’re pumped for what’s ahead, and we’re not even done yet for the year. Our winter celebration ‘Saturnalia‘ is happening in December. We’d love to see you all there, but first we’ll need to find some more mountains and take advantage of that last bit of sunshine.

Hope to see you on the trails, 
Mathias Eichler

Posted on Sep 19th, 2022
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