The Virtual Vert Challenge is back!

Finding runnable mountain sides in the winter is hard.
But vert is worth chasing anywhere there's a hill.

Upload your results here. | Grab your downloadable bib here.

March 4-7, 2022




The Formula

Distance Run in Miles

(Vertical Feet Gained by 100)

(Number of Reps on 'Your Local Hill')

Your Total Score!

Registration Includes

  • Access to Strava Club.
  • Bragging rights for all finishers.
  • Top runners will be invited on the SINGLETRACK podcast.
  • Every runner gets an awesome sticker.
  • Downloadable and personal race bib.
  • Commemorative finisher certificate.
  • Chance to win awesome sponsor swag.
  • We will plant a tree for each person completing their Virtual VERT Challenge.

How to participate

  • Register anytime before March 7th, 2022.
  • Request access to our Strava Club and join.
  • (Optional: Download and Print your Race Bib) Coming soon!
  • Find your biggest, baddest, safest hill to race your Virtual VERT Challenge.

Race Day is March 4-7, 2022

One! activity will be counted for this event.
You can run it anytime during these days.

Label your incredible hill climb activity in Strava with the following:

  • The Hashtag: #virtualvert
  • Your total score for this activity, using our formula.

Come back to this website and submit your results no later than March 8th.

Share about your amazing hill-slaying on social media using the hashtags: #virtualvert and #rockcandyrunning

Some Examples

  • Steve runs 10 miles and get 2000 of vert for his hilly run doing the same hill 5 times.
    Now let's apply the formula: 10 + (2000/100) + 5 = 35.
  • Sarah doesn’t have access to trails, so she finds a road incline close to home. She runs a total of 6 miles, and does 30 reps for a total of 1200’ of vert. Her formula is: 6 + (1200/100) + 30 = 48.
  • Let’s say a set of outdoor stairs is currently your only option for getting a little vert. You run to the stairs and back home after doing 50 reps for a total of 800’ of vert and 2 total miles. Your formula is: 2 + (800/100) + 50 = 60.

These examples show that the amount of reps can be a huge factor towards your overall score. But of course, the more vert you are able to gain overall can jack up the score as well. This is why it’s important to get creative with what you have available! Ultimately, the overall vert score is a challenge against yourself and the other runners in the event Strava Club, but all participants are eligible to win prizes. Note that you must upload a gps activity to the Strava Club and submit your results here on the website to participate.

Safety Disclosure

COVID-19 is still a thing.
Use common sense, be safe, and have fun!

The Fine Print
Registration is non-transferable, and no credits will be issued for any reason.
Race entry cannot be deferred to a future year, except if you become pregnant. Please contact us for details.
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