2022 Calendar of Events

Race with Rock Candy Running

Virtual VERT Challenge

March 4-7, 2022

The Virtual VERT Challenge is back. Same crazy formula, but now we race the hills in the winter.

Little Backyard Adventure

August 6, 2022

Many twisted loops, one stunning forest, your summer trail running event in the heart of the city.

And now with a brand new format:
A Six Hour Challenge.

Rock Candy Mountain Run

September 17, 2022

Go run, climb, then climb some more. Now scream down the mountain and do it all over again. A late summer mountain adventure in the Capitol Forest.
A Twelve Hour Challenge.

Something, Something New...

December, 2022

Winter, trails, darkness, weather. Olympia, get ready for a fun and festive holiday treat.

More info very soon.