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For the Long Runs

Team RunRun coaches Laurie Porter and Keith Laverty are offering great insight for your last minute inspiration ahead of this weekend’s Little Backyard Adventure races.

Laurie with some helpful tips on fueling:

Dialing in your nutrition and hydration goes hand in hand with all of the important aspects of training for long distances. This is particularly critical if you are training for and planning to race longer events like the Little Backyard Adventure 6 or 12 Hour Race in Olympia, WA

And Keith helps you take your mental game to the next level:

A lot of mental training really boils down to managing stress responses and being more self-aware. This is not simply trying to “block out” any emotions that naturally arise but rather, acknowledging those emotions and being prepared ahead of time of how you’re going to react to those emotions. 

Cannot wait to see y’all out there this weekend.

Posted on Mar 6th, 2024
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